Austin Strange

Performer – Composer

Who The F*** Is Austin Strange?

DRUNK, the first single off of Austin’s new album comes out FEBRUARY 10th 2015! GET READY!

Austin is a young musician based out of Orangeville and Kingston, Ontario. Austin is currently attending Queen’s University for Music Composition, as well as Saint Lawrence College for Music and Digital Media. He has achieved success on YouTube as a singer and vlog personality, reaching over 15’000 views on some videos. Austin is working on a full length album (release TBD) to be released on iTunes, and it is expected that this will be his most successful release yet.

The album is being produced primarily by VIVID, but has some production additions from Austin and Jordan Santelli. It features appearances from artists like Snow The Rapper, Hailiah Knight, and Megan Saul. Cover Art for the first single “Drunk” is currently being created by Jenn Crawford

Austin has experience as a film score composer, sound designer, voice actor, actor, vocalist, clarinet player, and music teacher. He is available to work positions on film sets at any time.

To book Austin for a show call: (519) 217-5440